Moses: The First Waterbender

Everyone knows Moses, the Hebrew leader who divided the waters, to save his people.

As illustrated by this fabulous drawing above, from 'das chupa', Moses is somehow the first waterbender! ;-)

But, can Music too bend the waters?
Well, no. But it can freeze water, move it forward or backward! You don't trust me, look at this:

Check the 'More info' button to get details. Basically, this is just an optical illusion.
So, no, music can't bend, or even really move water :-(

What is sure however, is that Music makes our lives better. Probably not all the Humanity, but at least a very big part.

Personally, Music is deeply part of my life. I always have a song or a beat in mind.Every moment of the day, every mood, has it's own type of Music:

  • techno: at the very heart of my life.
    I'm a great fan, from the early house days, back in the mid 80 (when I was a young boy) and Detroit techno / Acid a few years later, through Drum&Bass, hardcore (more 'breakbeat' than 'happy'), trance, a tiny bit of Dance and most of the Techno variations...
    Techno is what keeps me moving, and doing all the many things I'm doing (trust me, I can teach you what 'busy' means ;-))
    I'm especially fond of electro - happy - house: David Guetta (One More Love especially, at the top of my playlist with lots of tracks), Eric Prydz, Basto Yves V (Cloudbreaker), ...
  • Reggae, ragga, ska : back to my rastafarian roots... Steel Pulse, Yellow man, Sly & Robbie... and Bob !!
    Waow, this guy, the great Bob Marley, was more than a singer. He actually created one of the biggest movement for peace and ended a war! Remember this, whenever you sing "Jammin": this song has saved lifes!
    I love the early Ska days: Bob singing 'One cup of coffee' is very punchy and joyful (despite the lyrics!).

Rap, R&B, Soul, Classic, Ethnic&World, Rock, ... waow, I realize that I have a lot more to say. too much for a single post.
It's decided, I'll really post on Music! So much to say, so much to share. Music is pleasure, you can too share it ;-)

Arno (written while listening One More Love, D. Guetta)
thanks to the daily geek show for pointing its article