I am now living for 4 years on the Plateau des Petites Roches, a geological singularity that takes the form of a plateau of 10 km long, attached to the mountain at 1000 m high. I will post later on it, since it’s worth, but not the topic today.

This place is known worldwide for free flying. And every year, around the end of September, occurs the great annual international free flying event:

la Coupe Icare

During 4 days, all kinds of free flying are represented and honored:

  • Aerobatic shows by hang glider and paraglider pilots
  • Acrobatic sailplane
  • Parachuting and wingsuit
  • ULM and gyro demos
  • Pulma and paramotors
  • Kites and sports kiting
  • Boomerang
  • Air Force acrobatic team demo
  • Paraglider manufacturers demos
  • Demos by the French military parachuting team

It’s soO0Oo good to feel like a child again every year, by simply looking at the sky.
Thanks to you Icarus, men are now flying ^_^