Hey fellows Debian lovers, and old friends reading this,

after more than a decade serving Debian, our greatest and beloved OS, I've finally decided to start blogging. Please, bear with me, I'm still very new at blogging. Thus, constructive comments and mails are welcome ;-)

So here we actually go with the usual 'quick introduction post':

I'm Arnaud Quette, 36 years old, and Debian developer since 2001. I'm leading the upstream project called 'NUT' (Network UPS Tools project) since 2005, and I'm a Free Software hacker since 1997 (incomplete list of contribs and linkedIn profile).

I'm working at Eaton, a Debian partner participating in the power protection of our Debian infrastructure (FTP masters and Alioth). If you're a Debian admin, and feel Eaton can help, drop me a mail.

My main Opensource contribution, for some years, is to lead 'NUT', and the related power management developments and distribution. As such, I also ensure that all this work lands finely in Debian, and is useful and reliable to users.

In the past, I've also been working on some Media Center packages (Coherence UPnP, moovida, LIRC, ...), Synaptics touchpads app and some more. Here is the current list of maintained and co-maintained packages, though not up to date.

It's not always that easy to balance between upstream lead and the numerous developments on one hand, and Debian packaging and support on the other hand... Not counting real life and the many others responsibilities I have. Just forgive me for the time it has taken (and is still taking, sometimes) to update my various packages. Just remember that I'm always doing my best :-)

So dear Planet Debian readers, I'll be bothering you with some news on power management and GreenIT in Debian. There will be both upstream and Debian developments and releases info, so that you all can react. There may probably be some diversion, on other Debian related topics, one way or another... All this will depend on your feedback, and the balance with my available time and pleasure to share with you these few tech bits.