There we are: this blog is finally open (again)!

It's still a work in progress (by definition!), and I don't have much time to spare in it though. So please, bear with me.

I will be talking here about power management, mainly through my various Opensource effort such as the project I'm proudly leading (NUT - Network UPS Tools).

More generally, about Green IT and Freen IT (Green IT using Free Software), with some thoughts on Opensource.

I will also also post on the green citizenship, life in general and my beloved mountain. And a bit on music and the many other topics I like or love...

About /me:

Currently working full time for Eaton, as the Engineering expert and technical leader on Linux, Unix and SW developments.

Network UPS Tools project leader since 2005, Debian developer since 2001, Free Software hacker since 1997.

For more information on my professional career, see my linkedIn profile, my contributions to Opensource or simple Google me.

I'm also a Local Councilor, in Saint Bernard du Touvet (a cute village of 700 peoples, in the mountain Chartreuse, French Alps), since 2008. And I have been Staff Representative at Eaton, between 2008 and 2012.

I'm finally a green citizen, engaged and passionate in everything I do, married with a beautiful Mauritius woman (Soobalutchmee, which means "morning light" in Indi), that gave me two lovely kids (Ethan and Benjamin).